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Performance Management: Red Alert

Why Keynote Red Alert is for you?

Keynote Red Alert brings peace of mind and reassurance

Whether you're at work or play, you'll know all is well by the silence of your pager. And if a problem does occur involving your server, ISP, or local network, you'll have the facts you need to find a solution from anywhere in the world.

Because Keynote Red Alert is a fully independent, end-to-end monitoring solution, you'll always know how your network looks from the outside in. With Keynote Red Alert's view from multiple autonomous networks, including supplemental diagnostic data, you can be confident in the validity of its reports and alerts.

With so many of your key customers and competitors using Keynote Red Alert, can you afford not to subscribe? For years we've worked closely with the world's largest backbone and access providers. And we look forward to serving you!

With Keynote Red Alert, you can monitor all of the Web sites you are responsible for 24 hours a day and respond immediately to problems. Impress your clients with your ability to always be on top of the situation!

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With today's increasing pressure for uptime guarantees and downtime penalties, Keynote Red Alert could save you thousands of dollars. Keynote Red Alert also provides you with ironclad third party verification of your historical and current quality levels.

Whether you maintain your Web site in-house or outsource it, your company—and your career—depend on its robust performance. Get your FREE 30-day trial of Keynote Red Alert monitoring service now!


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