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Performance Management: Red Alert

Are your Web applications up right now?

If you subscribed to Keynote Red Alert, you'd know for sure!

Keynote Red Alert™ is an easy-to-use, highly reliable Web monitoring service that checks your Web applications at least four times each hour, and notifies you whenever they become inaccessible, return incorrect data, or respond slowly to connection requests.

You can use Keynote Red Alert to monitor your domain name servers, FTP servers, SMTP email servers, POP3 servers, IMAP servers, NNTP news servers, Telnet servers, Web servers and other critical Internet devices around the clock. If any device fails based on thresholds you establish, you’re immediately notified via e-mail, cell phone or pager. Click here for a free trial!

Why companies rely on Keynote Red Alert?


A long-distance company got hit by a 6- to 26-hour outage.

Cost: $40 million in rebates.

An Internet portal went
down for 24 hours.

Cost: $3 million in rebates.

An online discount broker suffered four service interruptions in two months.

Result: 22% stock price

Don’t let it happen to you! Click here for a 30-day free trial of Red Alert.

An Internet presence that is slow to respond, returns incorrect data or goes down can cause your revenue, customer loyalty and stock prices to plummet. With Keynote Red Alert, you can stay informed and in control. Only Red Alert:

  • Offers the flexibility needed to monitor all your Internet devices; it can handle Web transactions, secure pages, redirection, CGI queries, POSTs, and authentication.
  • Has the ability to determine whether your Web site is delivering the proper content (ideal for “thank you” pages, etc.).
  • Can escalate alarms depending on the error type and the time of day; Red Alert automatically performs triage on the situation and alerts the appropriate team.
  • Offers triple-checked alarms, which means that Red Alert responses are reliable with very few false positives or unnecessary alarms.

And Keynote Red Alert delivers even more…

With our Red Alert enhanced services, you can also monitor:

Whether you maintain your Web site in-house or outsource it, your company—and your career—depend on its robust performance. Get your FREE 30-day trial of Keynote Red Alert monitoring service now!


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