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Frequently Asked Questions

For more information please contact our customer service:

How much does Keynote Red Alert service cost?

What paging services are compatible?

    Keynote Red Alert works with virtually every numeric and alphanumeric paging service in North America, as well as most alphanumeric paging services in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

Can I specify CGI arguments in a URL to be monitored?

    Yes. Your URL can include GET method CGI arguments (i.e, ones which follow a "?" in the URL).

Can Keynote Red Alert monitor responses to Web form submissions?

    Yes, Keynote Red Alert can monitor URLs that use the POST method. (This is what most Web forms use.) Keynote Red Alert can simulate what happens when a user types information into a form on your site and clicks the Submit button, and alert you if the response is an error message or other unexpected result.

Can I turn monitoring and/or notification on or off at will?

    Yes, 24 hours a day via a Web interface, you can deactivate or reactivate monitoring of any device. You can also deactivate or reactivate notification of specific types of errors, for each of your e-mail addresses and pagers individually or collectively, at any time.

Can I add devices to my account at will for instant monitoring?

    Yes. You can easily add a new device, or change the notification options for an existing one from your browser. All changes take effect immediately.

Whether you maintain your Web site in-house or outsource it, your company—and your career—depend on its robust performance. Get your FREE 30-day trial of Keynote Red Alert monitoring service now!


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