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Performance Management: Red Alert

How Keynote Red Alert monitors your Web applications for availability

Reliable, end-to-end verification

Keynote Red Alert's checking sequence is designed to provide foolproof, end-to-end verification of your device's accessibility to the Internet. Every error condition is triple-checked using three fully independent Internet connections on separate backbone networks, local Internet access providers, and local network equipment. You are not notified about a problem unless Keynote Red Alert has tried to reach your device on three different paths and found it to be inaccessible or malfunctioning on each network.

Checking sequence

At least four times per hour, Keynote Red Alert will attempt to open a TCP connection to your device. If the attempt succeeds, this confirms that:

  • Your device is running
  • Your device is connected to the Internet
  • Your software is listening for and accepting connection requests on the appropriate TCP port

If the attempt fails, Keynote Red Alert will enter a diagnostic mode in order to determine which error type should be reported to you.

If the device is a Web server, Keynote Red Alert will send an HTTP request for the URL you have provided and checks the Web page or file returned for other error types.

You are in charge!

Your Account Summary page shows all the devices currently being monitored for you. Links on this page enable you to add/edit/delete your Internet devices, change your notification options and suspend/resume monitoring at any time.

Whether you maintain your Web site in-house or outsource it, your company—and your career—depend on its robust performance. Get your FREE 30-day trial of Keynote Red Alert monitoring service now!


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